The Science of Reading Short Course

16 modules

Course Length
15 hours

Hill Learning Center



The Science of Reading Short Course is an accessible, self-paced course based on more than forty years of research related to neuroscience, reading processes, reading instruction, and implementation science. The course consists of six modules book-ended by an introduction and wrap-up. Each module also has a knowledge check. The course is designed to take between 10-15 hours and to serve as an ongoing resource for participants. It offers an efficient and practical introduction to the science of reading for a variety of educators – teachers, instructional coaches, school and district leaders, pre-service candidates, and pre-service faculty, whose training may not have adequately prepared them for evidence-based instruction in reading.

Based on adult learning theory, each module has clearly stated objectives, explicitly written background information, useful video demonstrations, numerous graphic illustrations, interactive activities to apply and reinforce concepts, and a final knowledge check to support mastery. The course has robust downloadable resources and links to opportunities to go deeper in specific areas for those interested in extending their learning.

The original Science of Reading Short Course was collaboratively created through a partnership of five educational organizations across the country to train Teach For America corps members during the first summer of the pandemic. Original partners included Barksdale Reading Institute, Hill Learning Center, The Reading League, Right to Read Project, and The Reading Teacher's Top Ten Tools.

As an outgrowth of this work, Hill Learning Center spearheaded an effort to refine the content into a relevant and engaging course for all teachers of reading. The current course is the second version, which has been developed by the following Authors and Advisors:

  • Beth Battle Anderson, Hill Learning Center, Author

  • Kelly Butler, Barksdale Reading Institute, Advisor

  • Dr. Deb Glaser, Developer, The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools, Advisor

  • Margaret Goldberg, The Right to Read Project, Advisor

  • Sharon Hopper, Hill Learning Center, Author

  • Marion McBride, Barksdale Reading Institute, Author

  • Dr. Barbara Randall, Hill Learning Center, Author

  • Laura Stewart, 95 Percent Group, Advisor


At the end of The Science of Reading Short Course learners will be able to:

  • understand the foundations of the science of reading, based on decades of cumulative research, and identify aligned instructional practices.

  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of brain research and learning processes that are foundational to how all humans learn.

  • apply the Simple View of Reading and aligned teachable skills and processes to help students become skilled readers who can comprehend written text.

  • apply the basics of a structured literacy approach to support effective reading instruction.

  • use tools and strategies to support effective planning and instructional practices in the word recognition and language comprehension domains.

  • understand reading comprehension as the product of multiple cognitive processes and skills needed to construct meaning from text.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate The Science of Reading Short Course Certificate of Completion

Learning Credits

Course Introduction: How We Learn To Read
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Module 1: An Introduction to the Science of Reading
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Module 1: Knowledge Check
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Module 2: Structured Literacy
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Module 2: Knowledge Check
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Module 3: The Word Recognition Domain
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Module 3: Knowledge Check
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Module 4: The Language Comprehension Domain - Readers Knowledge
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Module 4: Knowledge Check
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Module 5: The Language Comprehension Domain - Processes and Strategies
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Module 5: Knowledge Check
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Module 6: Reading Comprehension
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Module 6: Knowledge Check
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Course Wrap Up
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Science of Reading Final Assessment
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End of Course Survey
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